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    A Loyalty Programme that earns you a new perspective

  • Our Mission, your Benefits


    Join our Peakpoints loyalty programme free of charge. Sign up and start earning right away. It only takes a few minutes and you’ll immediately receive 300 Welcome Peakpoints.


    Visit worldhotels-peakpoints.com to register, track your points and activites and find your next dream destination.

    Award winning

    With award winning hotels in locations that inspire, earning points is just part of your journey.


    Be part of a programme that offers reach into over 60 countries and 6 continents and collect points for your stays: anywhere, anytime, on a getaway, family holiday or business trip.


    Earn points on each eligible stay!


    Points add up fast: Book you unique hotel, stay and earn 2 points for every € spent on your room. Earn more with the elite levels.

    •    Silver +10% points
    •    Gold +25% points
    •    Navigator +50% points


    Turn your points into exclusive travel experiences. 365 days of the year, no matter where or how you like to travel. Redeem your earned points as of 400 into cash value vouchers usable here.

    Customize it

    Be environmentally friendly with your virtual card and carry it with you in your pocket!  Log in to your profile on the web, personalize your card, track your points, bookings, preferences or history. 


    Make your travel an unforgettable memory.

    Simply use your vouchers for spa treatments, restaurant or late-check-outs.

    Enjoy some of the world's most unique independent. Redeem now.


    Make it yours

  • Carry your virtual card, points, vouchers

    and more on the go.

    Access your profile at anytime, anywhere.



    Mobility is not only a word.
    It's our promise.

  • Collect more points during your next adventure!

    Peakpoints offers you great opportunities to travel the world, fulfill your dreams and tick off your bucket list items.

    Simply book one of our offers here which all include attractive benefits all around Peakpoints!

  • More than just Peakpoints...

    With Worldhotels you can also benefit from attractive partner offers, if you do not wish to collect Peakpoints.

  • Use your Peakpoints

    As of 400 points you can already start using them!

    Simply visit our new Peakpoints Redemption Page here and find great ways to redeem!

    Enhance your Stay

    Check out the packages available at the hotel to boost your stay with your Peakpoints.

    Reduce your bill

    With more than 400 Points you will be able to purchase cash value vouchers, you can then use to reduce your bill.

    Treat a friend

    With Peakpoints, putting a smile on your loved ones' faces is easy! Offer your voucher to your family and friends.

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    Stay connected. Find answers to your questions easily with the help of our dedicated team.











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